A dear friend of mine had recommended it as a cure for my constant back pain and so one warm summer evening in June 2012 I tried it for the first time: Hoopdance. And just as fast as my back pain disappeared, my excitement grew. Ever since that day my world revolves around those colourful hoops. Supported by my boyfriend Florian and a lot of other wonderful people we try a lot of new stuff and already brought one or another vision to life. In courses and workshops I have been conveying my love for dancing with the hoop since 2013, since 2016 I may make people happy with my handmade hula hoops and through this website I also want to let you take part in my passion and our projects.

Isabella Maria, born 1987

- certified hoopdance teacher

- owner of HoopFlow

- is running HoopFlow's online shop

- part of the "HoopFlow Firedancers"

- Isabella

But what actually is hoopdance?

Hoopdance does not only consist of spinning a hoop around your hips. It is rather dancing with customized hula hoops. The intense cardiovascular workout activates various muscles and strengthens your balance, your ability to coordinate and your stamina. Hoopdance is not only good for your body, your brain is challenged as well – as you dance with the hoop you strengthen your creativity as well as your motor skills. Plus, hoopdance can be meditative as well. Moving to music can have a relaxing effect, you become one with the hoop and find your own, unique flow. You become fully grounded in the moment. Hoopdance makes you happy!


Do you want to learn to hoopdance or expand your skills?

Sign up for one of our courses or workshops in Upper Austria:

- on this website

- by calling 0043 681/204 493 77

- per email to isabella@hoopflow.at


Looking for the right hoop?

Our hoopdance hoops for beginners are bigger and heavier than the well-known hula hoops from kids’ toy stores but lighter than fitness hoops you may know from sports shops. Depending on your height and body type we recommend starting with a hoop with a diameter of 90 cm or 100 cm and a tubing of 20 mm or 25 mm. For advanced hoopers HDPE- or polypro hoops are suitable, depending on your body type with a diameter between 85 cm and 90 cm and, depending on your level, a tubing of 19 mm, 16 mm or 12 mm. All our hula hoops are travel hoops. They can be folded to half their size and therefore are excellent to take along. You can find more details about the hoops in our online store or in our tutorial for choosing the right hoop. You can also make up your very own design here.

Check out all our handmade hula hoops and a selection of hoop clothing in HoopFlow's shop. If you pick you hoop up in our warehouse in Hörsching (A-4603) you spare yourself the shipping fee and you get the chance to try the different hoops first hand. To pick up your hoop in Hörsching (A-4603), order the hoop of your choice online and when choosing your mode of payment choose ”Abholung”. You can also pick up you hoop on Monday in Linz (A-4030) or on Wednesday in Wels (A-4600). Send us an email for more details!


You have any questions?

Feel free to contact us via email to isabella@hoopflow.at or call us at 0043 681/204 493 77.


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