Hoopdance without borders

In the beginning of 2015 

Karoline Lafleur, born 1988

- certified hoopdance teacher

- part of the "HoopFlow Firedancers"

- part of the "Squeezed Peaches"



Isabella Maria, born 1987

- certified hoopdance teacher

- owner of HoopFlow

- is running HoopFlow's online shop

- part of the "HoopFlow Firedancers"


 together with the ASKÖ Hoopdance Union, created the FlowFactory project where they offer free hoopdance workshops in cooperation with social clubs and charity organisations. In these workshops participants get the chance to design their own hula hoop. Afterwards they are introduced to playing with the hoop. Hoopdance is supposed to bring people joy and a change from their daily routines and facilitate integration. Because dancing with the hoop is not only good for body and soul: the fascinating effect the hoop has on many people connects them and facilitates communicating with others – without many words.


What you can do:

Of course our instructors teach for free. Still, there are costs for material, rent of rooms and additional costs. This is why we would be happy if you supported our project with a small donation. Every Euro is valuable! Or maybe you have a hoop lying around at home that you don’t need anymore and want to donate? Just send us an email and we will connect with you. At flowfactory.hoopflow.at you can have a look at our work and at what exactly your donation is used for.


Contact information

Karoline Lafleur, Isabella Maria
Phone: 0043 681/204 493 77
Email: flowfactory@hoopflow.at
Website: flowfactory.hoopflow.at
Organisation: ASKÖ Hoopdance/Sektion FlowFactory
ZVR-Number: 766799750