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- For up-to-date news about HoopFlow follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
- In HoopFlow's Shop you find many colourful hoops and more – it’s your Hoopdance shop in Austria!
- You can find selected pieces of our hoops at the ECO-Store/Linz and some hoops to try out at the Fit im Hof/Wels
- Hoopdance for and with socially disadvantaged people: FlowFactory
- HoopFlow on, the world’s most successful platform for hooping
- Fire dancers collective Feuershow Rocks
- Hoopdance performance group Squeezed Peaches
- You can find various juggling items online and on-site at Gittas Markthandel


Hoop Events

- Reifenfabrik's hoop event in the mountains of Vorarlberg: Alpine Hoop Retreat
- Akrobatic, dance and yoga event in Tyrol: Circus and Movement Camp
- Austria’s biggest hoop event in Vienna: Austrian Hoop Convention


Other Hoopdance courses and workshops in Austria

- Vorarlberg: Info on from Andrea Raffl
- Tyrol: Info from Verena Steiner
- Styria: Info from Daniela Gutmann or at from Katharina Nelböck-Hochstetter
- Vienna: Info on from Lisa Looping
- Carinthia: Info on from Fiorella Seppele
- Salzburg: Info from Johanna Brandstetter’s SwirlyHoopers


Sustainable and healthy living

- Connecting a healthy body and a clear mind – at the Fit im Hof in the heart of Wels
- You can find fair brands clothing in Linz (Rainerstraße) at the ECO-Store
- Get your organic veggies delivered to your home with the Biokiste from Achleitnerhof
- Sustainable, organic and local shopping in Hörsching, Holzhausen and Leonding via NETs.werk
- Bio Wine from Upper Austria: 95 Tage - Weinbau Florian Eschlböck
- Experiment Self-Sufficiency by Lisa and Michael:
- Fachinstitut Freiberufliche Heilmasseurin Julia Domokosch in Hörsching
- Poledance Linz-Land: Info from Sabrina Herrmann on


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