Screen Printing

Looking for a suitable printing methode for our hoop shirts and bags, screen printing came immediately to the narrowest choice. Since the colour is printed directly on the material, the prints are very high quality, robust and have an exceptional longevity. Unfortunately, the purchase costs are very high and printing by hand is very time-consuming. Nevertheless we decided to use screen printing and were always very satisfied with the results so far.


The designs and prints are handmade by 

Isabella Maria, born 1987

- certified hoopdance teacher

- owner of HoopFlow

- is running HoopFlow's online shop

- part of the "HoopFlow Firedancers"


 As a graphic designer, she first came in contact with screen printing while she was at school and during her time at the university she learned how to handle it. The motifs are designed on the computer and are printed on fair trade fabrics of the ECO-Store.

You can find all available screen printing products in our online shop and here you can find a short overwiew of the making of: