Isabella exchanges Hoopdance for...

Inspired by all the swap shops and barter systems popping up lately where various goods or services are directly

exchanged for other goods or services, we also came up with the idea of starting a similar project: 

Isabella Maria, born 1987

- certified hoopdance teacher

- owner of HoopFlow

- is running HoopFlow's online shop

- part of the "HoopFlow Firedancers"


 offers you one hour of her time in exchange for one hour of your time! Every service is seen as equally valuable, our unit of account is time.


What do you get?

Hoopdance classes of course! You receive an introduction to hoopdance (one hoop to borrow included) or support in developing your hooping skills. Depending on how long your service took you, you receive the same amount of hoopdance classes. Possible places for classes are: Linz, Wels, Hörsching and its surroundings.


What do we get?

Below you can find the services that we currently need. If you are specialised in one of those services and want to do it for us, please get in touch via email. Do you offer any other services we might be interested in? Write to us via email and we tell you whether we want to make use of it.


At the moment we’re looking for the following services:

There are no special services needed at the moment.


Successful exchanges

Hoopdance vs. Helping with our free tryouts, Summer 2018

Raffaela received three hours of hoopdance classes in exchange for helping with our free tryouts. Thank you for your help!


Hoopdance vs. Advertising, Summer 2017

Claudia received two hours of hoopdance classes in exchange for promoting our classes in Wels. Thank you again!


Hoopdance vs. Translate our website, Summer 2016

Josepha received hoopdance classes in exchange for translating our website to English. Thank you so much, you did a great job!


Hoopdance vs. Sundress, August 2015

Johanna received four hours of hoopdance classes in exchange for sewing an incredibly beautiful sundress. Thank you for your dedication!


Hoopdance vs. Wedding Hairstyle, July 2015

Theresa was taught a one hour hoopdance class in exchange for a plaited hairstyle for a wedding. Thank you again for the beautiful braid!


Hoopdance vs. Kinesiology for Animals, June 2015

Ines received one hour of hoopdance for treating our cat – it is much calmer and more accessible now. Thank you!