Many years of experience, hooping since the beginning of Hoopdance in Austria and spreading real passion: This is what our instructors discribes best! You are learning from Austria's best hoop teachers. All our instructors are certified by HoopFlow, so you can expect the same niveau in all our courses. Our teachers are taking part in various international hoop events regularly, where they get inspired by teachers like Tiana Zoumer (USA), Emma HoopingMad (UK) and Babz Robinson (CAN).


Isabella Maria

In June 2012 Isabella discovered her fascination for the hula hoop, not knowing on which path this would lead her one day. After studying countless tutorials on YouTube and after (unfortunately too few) exchanges with like-minded hoopers it became clear to her that she had to share her love for dancing with the hoop with others.

One and a half years later, in November 2013, Isabella therefore already started offering workshops in Hörsching, in the spring of 2014 she held her first hoopdance course. To become Upper Austria's first certified Hoopdance instructor Isabella completed the Hoopdance Teacher Training with Jo Mondy (UK) in 2015. In 2018 she took part in the Advanced Teacher Training with Emma HoopingMad (UK). As the owner of HoopFlow she teaches classes for beginners and advanced hoopers in Upper Austria and on various national and international events. Since 2017 she is also sharing her experiences in her teacher training. Her students love her for being really enthusiastic and motivating and for her patience to explain every move in detail.

She is also bringing her creativity to life by producing hula hoops, hoop shirts and bags, which you can buy at HoopFlow's online shop, and, together with her boyfriend, various hoop videos and a wooden hoop. Since 2017 she is also part of the "HoopFlow Firedancers". The hoop still opens up ever more new, amazing possibilities to Isabella. We’re curiously looking forward to where the exciting journey will take us! If you have any questions feel free to contact Isabella via email to or call her at 0043 681/204 493 77.













Karoline Lafleur

Karoline discoverd her passion for the art of hooping in 2012. At this time there where not many people hooping in Upper Austria and so she quickly came across Isabella. Since the beginning of 2014 Karoline is a part of HoopFlow and since 2017 she is teaching courses as HoopFlow certified instructor. In 2018 she took part in Emma HoopingMad's Advanced Teacher Training. She is also dancing in two hoopdance performance groups called "HoopFlow Firedancers" and Squeezed Peaches.

Her hooping style is very intuitive and flowy, like meditation. The most important aspect for her is to connect body, mind and soul to an entire and graceful dance. So she is building bridges between the technical and the flowy aspects of hoopdance in her workshops.