You want to share your passion with others?

But you don't know how to start you own business? You want to run you own classes or want to teach in a fitness studio or in a sports club, but you are not sure how to explain all these difficult hoop tricks?

In HoopFlow's teacher training 

Isabella Maria, born 1987

- certified hoopdance teacher

- owner of HoopFlow

- is running HoopFlow's online shop

- part of the "HoopFlow Firedancers"


 is sharing her longtime experience with you. Find you own style, specify your vision and make your first steps!

The teacher training will last three days in which you will get loads of information on how to build up your own classes, how to explain the basics, how to do the troubleshooting and how to break down even the difficult hoop tricks. And you will learn everything about how to build up your own company. The small group size is perfect for doing a lot of exercises, discussions and share your experince with other hoopers. Be part of Austria's very first german speaking teacher training and you will soon run your own classes and bring joy into other people's life. You can watch pictures of our last training in our galerie, what participants say about the last teacher training you can find here.


If you are not sure about teaching soon, you can also take part in our training. You will get a lot of background information about hooping, which will also help you with your own hoop flow. If you are not sure if you are ready send us an email.


- 20 hours of practice and theory Stunden
- how to plan and structure a 5 week beginnner class
- how to teach people by teaching your peers and getting feedback
- loads of exercises on warm up, hoop games, hoop fiteness, kids classes, classes for the elderly etc.
- how to build up your own business, marketing, business rights
- physiological aspects of hooping, by Gerlinde Müller, HOOPin® fitness teacher and ergotherapeutic
- manual with 60 pages and all information and examples
- HoopFlow teacher zertificate
- unique discount on your very first batch of hula hoops in HoopFlow's Shop: 10 beginner hoops, 2 for free
- 50 Euro discount on the teacher training by joining on of our beginner and advanced classes


Prerequisites for attending:
- at least 15 hours of hoopdance classes in one of our beginner and advanced classes
- OR appropriate skills
- at leas 1/2 year of hooping experience is recommended
> If you have any questions feel free to send us an email.


What to bring:
- comfortable, tight-fitting clothes
- beverage
- your own hoop/s
- writing utensils


Upcoming teacher training (german)

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Isabella Maria, geb. 1987

- zertifizierte Hoopdance-Trainerin

- Inhaberin HoopFlow

- betreibt HoopFlow's Online-Shop

- Teil der "HoopFlow Firedancers"



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