Tutorials for Beginners

In our 10 steps tutorial for beginners (german) 

Karoline Lafleur, born 1988

- certified hoopdance teacher

- part of the "HoopFlow Firedancers"

- part of the "Squeezed Peaches"



Isabella Maria, born 1987

- certified hoopdance teacher

- owner of HoopFlow

- is running HoopFlow's online shop

- part of the "HoopFlow Firedancers"


 show you all the basic moves step by step. You will be amazed at how fast you will be able to move with the hoop and how easy it can be to connect different moves with each other. In every tutorial you will learn up to four new moves. Click through the playlist. And if you need help or for new tutorials join our Facebook group "Ask Questions: Hoopdance". Have fun!


Step 1: Die Wahl des richtigen Hula Hoops
Step 2: Das Hoopen am Bauch
Step 3: Horizontales Hoopen I (Behind the Back Pass, Under the Leg Pass, Stir the Pot, The Revolving Door)
Step 4: Vertikales Hoopen I (Hand Hooping, Switching Hands, Hand Breake)
Step 5: Vertikales Hoopen II (Hand Hooping, Weave, Weave-Jump)
Step 6: Horizontales Hoopen II (Lasso, Switching Hands, Vortex)
Step 7: Vertikales Hoopen III (Elbow Hooping, Elbow Breake)
Step 8: Horizontales Hoopen III (Bauch zu Lasso, Lasso zu Bauch)
Step 9: Schulter-Hoopen
Step 10: Combo - vertikal auf horizontal



Instructors: Karoline Lafleur, Isabella Maria
Speaker: Elke Mayr
Camera & Editing: Isabella Maria


Tutorials for Advanced Hoopers

More turorials for advanced hoopers you can find in our Facebook group "Ask Questions: Hoopdance".


Half-Chestroll-Bump with Lisa


Escalator-Pop with Isabella