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No matter if you are a beginner or a high advanced hooper, we have the perfect offer for all of you! Check out our courses and workshop - we can't wait to meet you there!


While our courses consist of several sessions that build up on each other, we also offer individual workshops where you can try new things or get inspiration from other instructors. You can get a short insight in hoopdance by joining our Free Tryouts, while our Hoop Jams are for connecting with other hoopers. In HoopFlow's teacher training 

Isabella Maria, geb. 1987

- zertifizierte Hoopdance-Trainerin

- Inhaberin HoopFlow

- betreibt HoopFlow's Online-Shop

- Teil der "HoopFlow Firedancers"


 is sharing her longtime experience as a hoopdance teacher with you and supports you in building up your own business.

As a student you get 10 Euro off all our courses. Look around, there will be an event suitable for you, for sure! For details simply click on the individual events. The calendar on the right side provides you with an overview of all events or you can download the overview here as a PDF file to save or print.


Hoopdance Courses

- Beginners Classes
- Advanced Classes
- FlowSession Classes
- Multihooping Classes

- Kids Classes


Hoopdance Workshops

- Taster Workshops and private sessions
- Special Workshops

- Event Workshops


Did you find a course or workshop suitable for you? Great! Here you can secure your spot. Or are you still not sure because you don’t know us and our way of teaching?


This is what participants say about us:

"I just want to say THANK YOU for the
great and exciting weekend of our teacher training.
I was really nervous, but now I have to say that
it was very instructive and my motivation is higher than ever!"

- Michaela about the teacher training, 2018


"A great praise to you again for
the super professionell organisation,
the manuel is great, comprehensive and clear
and the pictures are so beautiful!"

- Gerlinde about the teacher training, 2018


"Thank you for your great work!
The weekend was really informative, fun, inspiring, just beautiful!
It's really impressive what you are doing.
Thanx for the inspiration!"

- Kristin about the teacher training, 2018


"Hello Isabella,
We met at the "Kinder gesund bewegen" congress.
It was really great, you did a great job!!

- Sandra, 2018


"Your class was great and much fun!
You explained it great,
so that you really understand it!"

- Dagmar, 2017


"Just want to say thank you again,
I'm really impressed by your teaching,
you're doing great!! :)"

- Eva, 2017


"Hey, I missed the last workshop (...)
But I will enroll again!! :*
You are the best hoop teacher ever!!"

- Nici, 2017


“I can’t tell you how happy I am to have done the course with you. ;)
Ever since then, I trust in myself much more. And if I don’t feel so great sometimes,
I take up the hoop and immediately my joy of life returns! ;)"

- Steffi, 2016


"Unfortunately we do not see each other again for the moment because I move away.
What I wanted to tell you: You are a great teacher;
THANK YOU that you have infected me with your enthusiasm!"

- Lydia, 2016


"(...) THANK YOU, that you gave me a piece of your "hula hoop joy" -
I had much fun (...) and wanna come again :)"

- Kathi, 2016


“The workshop last year was so great!
Thank you, Isabella, I keep passing on the hoopflow
to curious beginners (yes, men also!). :)"

- Kathi, 2016


“Today was really fun. I am already looking forward to tomorrow.
And what I’d like to do best is continue hoopdancing right now :-)
It’s kind of addictive :-D"

- Johanna, 2015


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Fore more details about our teachers klick here, what the press writes about us you can find here.