Summer Spin - Hoop Retreat Croatia

Hoop with us five days on a wonderful place in the heart of Croatia!
Next to the beach, surrounded by mother nature our very first hoop retreat will take place
from 20th to 24th of september 2017 at the beautiful Villa Istra in Mošćenička Draga.

Follow us to hula hoop paradise!

What to expect

- 9 hoopdance and yoga teachers from all around Europe
- 12 great workshops, rich in variety
- sleeping and training at the luxurious Villa Istra
- time and input to extend and tighten your hoopdance skills
- enough free time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and to relax at the beach
- a familiar atmosphere with only 20 participants
- hoop parties and other special program every evening
- tasty vegetarian meals
- and much more...

We are sooo excited! Be part of it!
Check out Summer Spin's Facebook event to get up-to-date information and more.

© 2017 organised by HoopFlow






You can look forward to 12 diversified and unique workshops.
May we introduce you to 9 amazing hoopdance teachers,
very different in style, flow and technique, but connected by the same passion.
Klick through their pictures and visualize their skills in the videos:


Buket Rin (SWE)

After experimenting with different dance styles and props and being a part of the juggling and flow community in Turkey, Buket discovered hula hooping in 2011. She had the chance to work with different Istanbul based circuses and dance companies to improve her stage presence. After moving to Sweden in 2014, she became even more crazy about hula hooping and movement. So she started to travel non-stop all around Europe during summer in order to explore the circles and meet all the amazing people inside them.

Not only pushing the limits of her abilities with the hoops, also teaching others became an important part of her hoop adventure, so she decided to take Deanne Love’s ‘Hoop Love Coach Teacher Training’ and started to teach hula hooping in Uppsala/Sweden on a regular basis. She started to lead international workshops on different conventions, what motivated her to develop her teaching skills even more. Her hooping is very dynamic, dancy as well as techy. She likes to work with many different styles, from acrobatics to belly dancing and she also blows minds with multiple hooping, balancing, fire and much more.

Let yourself be inspired by her multihooping skills in her workshop at the retreat.


Buket Rin Buket Rin Buket Rin Buket Rin Buket Rin Buket Rin



Amalaya/Birte (GER)

Birte has been a fire-performer since 2005 and has performed in many shows, everything from solo-performances to big groups of up to 50 performers. She´s been hooping since 2009. She has taught hula hoop at the EJC for the last 5 years, at the German Hoop Convention, SWHoop in Bristol, and many German and international Juggling and Hoop Conventions.

She teaches regular classes in Berlin and is known to break down seemingly difficult tricks into their parts and visualize them, so they become comprehensible. Her hooping is defined by poi style tricks as much as manipulations, isolations, floor-hooping and hoop juggling.

Birte has been busy performing and teaching solo as Amalaya since 2010. In her newest performance she combines hula hoop with contact ball to create a very unique visual experience.


Amalya/Birte Amalya/Birte Amalya/Birte Amalya/Birte



Verena Firlefanz (AUT)

Verena Firlefanz is a passionated acrobat and certified hula hoop teacher. She loves playing around with her hula hoop to get creative and let things just happen. She is always searching for new practices to expand her acrobatic horizon and break through old routines.

In her hometown in Tyrol she is also teaching poledance, aerial hoop and flexibility. In May 2017 Verena organizes her first big event called Circus and Movement Camp Tirol.

Next to a hula hoop workshop, where we will find our flow on the floor,
Verena will end our day with a nice flexibility session.


Verena Firlefanz Verena Firlefanz Verena Firlefanz



Loren DL (FRA)

Passionated by performing arts, Loren discovers juggling at the age of 18 in Paris. While studying at the university, she practiced poi, flags and fire dancing, managed various associations and performed on stage. In 2008 she discovered hooping without knowing, she was stepping into a ring that was going to change her life. In 2014 she launched the first hoop fitness classes in Paris and developed a new concept combining strengthening with cardio exercises in order to offer a complete body workout. The same year, she began a professional retraining to make the teaching of hula hoop her job and became a fitness instructor.

Since January 2015 she is managing the first French hoop school, Hoopera, where she is also teaching different levels of hoopdance. Beside that she is organising Hoop Touch Paris convention every year and loves to travel around Europe to go in conventions and retreats to learn, practice and get inspired.

Loren will teach us an amazing dance workshop.


Loren DL Loren DL Loren DL





Andrea Raffl (AUT)

After some years of discovering the dance with the flowtoy poi, Andrea got her hands on a professional hoop in the year 2007 for the very first time and she fell in love with this art straight away. It became a never ending love story between her and the magic circle, which is still growing.

After absolving the Hoopnotica teacher training in 2013, she is one of the first certified hoop teachers of Austria. She loves to share this passion in weekly local classes for beginners and advanced, workshops in schools, gatherings, markets and all kind of festivals all over Europe. She really loves to teach people in every age, shape and gender and always tries to bring a lot of patience into her teaching.

With breaking down the complete moves she found her own way of teaching and is happy to see her students growing within the hoop! Moreover she is a mother of two girls, she runs her own company Reifenfabrik, produces her own hoops since many years, organizes the Alpine Hoop Retreat and is doing all of that with a big and open heart.

Andrea will teach a workshop about foothooping and she will introduce us to fire hooping at the fire jam session - stay tuned!


Andrea Raffl Andrea Raffl Andrea Raffl Andrea Raffl Andrea Raffl Andrea Raffl



Taja Vuletić (HRV)

Taja started playing with hula hoops 7 years ago. Since then she has learned a lot about object manipulation, contemporary dance, clowning, circus pedagogy, juggling and much more from great circus artists. She summarizes all of this knowledge into her performances and enjoys to improvise.

In the circus group Razbibriga she teaches circus skills. She organises Croatian Hoop Convention and performs in street festivals, music festivals, circus tents, on the streets and other shows
using fire, LED, UV, mini hula hoops and multi hoops.

Taja will show us how to perform on stage.


Taja Vuletić Taja Vuletić



Karoline Lafleur (AUT)

Karoline Lafleur, co-organiser of Summer Spin, discoverd her passion for the art of hooping in 2012. One year later she already started teaching in a hoop community in Linz. In 2015 the teachers of this community founded the ASKÖ Hoopdance Linz, where she is still passing her hooplove along. Karoline is also dancing in a hoopdance performance group called The Squeezed Peaches. In different workshops she is also hooping with refugees and socially disadvantaged people.

Her hooping style is very intuitive and flowy, like meditation. The most important aspect for her is to connect body, mind and soul to an entire and graceful dance. So she is building bridges between the technical and the flowy aspects of hoopdance in her workshops.

Have you ever thought about balancing and hooping? Karo will give us an introduction!
And we will start our day with her meditative hooping session.


Karoline Lafleur Karoline Lafleur Karoline Lafleur



Isabella Maria (AUT)

Isabella Maria, organiser of Summer Spin and also known as HoopFlow, experienced the hula hoop for the first time in 2012. One and a half years after studying on her own, she started teaching hoopdance in her hometown in Upper Austria. And totally unexpected, as she discovered her love for the art of hooping,
she found a deep affection in sharing her greatest passion with others.

Today Isabella is Upper Austria's first certified hoop teacher and is teaching weekly classes and various workshops in and around her hometown and on different events. Her students love her for being really enthusiastic and motivating and for her patience to explain every move in detail. She is also bringing her creativity to life by producing hula hoops, hoop shirts and bags and, together with her boyfriend, various hoop videos and a wooden hoop.

Wanna improve your behind-the-back hooping skills?
Isabella will teach us at the retreat!


Isabella Maria Isabella Maria Isabella Maria



Julia Kolar (AUT)

One and a half years ago Julia started with regular Kundalini Yoga practice. She got inspired by different teachers and is currently holding a private yoga class once a week. The practice of yoga made her body strong and flexible and brought her clarity of mind. But what Julia loves most about yoga is that it helps her to be more centered, focused and careful in her daily life. At the beginning of 2017 she started with the Kundalini Yoga teacher training.

Julia will start our day with a nice yoga session.


Taja Vuletić Taja Vuletić Taja Vuletić





Villa Istra

Our retreat will take place from 20th to 24th of september 2017
at the beautiful Villa Istra in Mošćenička Draga in Crotia.
The whole villa will be ours for five days.

We will eat, sleep and attend the workshops at the villa.
You will live in a suite with three other participants.
Every suite hast it‘s own bathroom, balcony, TV, kitchen and a fridge.
In your free time you can chill and relax at the beach or explore the beautiful surroundings and
quiet places around the villa, where you can find peace and tank up new energy.
Take a look at the program for more information about possible free time activies.

Workshop Area

There will be two workshop areas at the villa:
An amazing hall surrounded by palms and with a great sea view and
a big balcony with an even more amazing sea view to the islands Krk and Cres.
You can use the workshop areas the whole five days, whenever you want to.
You can find more details about our workshops in the program.


We will start on 20 september at 2 p.m., so you have enough time to travel to Croatia.
You can reach Villa Istra per car, per bus, per plane or per train.
If you want to share a ride, take a look at our „Summer Spin - Hoop Retreat Croatia“ Facebook group.
The next airport is in Rijeka, the next train station is Opatija Matulji. Rijeka is about one hour, Opatija is about half an hour by car. We will organise a shuttle from both places.
If you need a shuttle from the airport or the train station please inform us via email as soon as possible!
There is also a bus driving from Rijeka through Opatija to Mošćenička Draga.
The retreat will end on 24 september midday.


If you want to extend your holidays and spend some more days at Mošćenička Draga or it's easier
with your flight to arrive earlier and/or leave later contact us via email and we will tell you all details about the accommodation.



Villa Istra
Šetalište 25. travnja 27
51417 Mošćenička Draga






Our program is seperated in intense training sessions and long chilling sessions.
Between learning loads of new stuff you will have a lot of time to chill and relax,
to repeat all the new moves and to get in touch with other participants and the teachers.


We have planned 12 workshops with 9 different teachers from all around Europe.
There will be one hoop workshop before noon and one workshop after noon each day.
In the morning we will do yoga or a meditative hoop session together and
in the evening we offer flexibility sessions.

The whole group will be seperated in two, each group will contain about ten people.
There will be one group for beginners/intermediate hoopers and one group
for the intermediate/advanced hoopers. So the teachers can perfectly respond to your questions and
special needs and the workshop level will fit to your hoop skills.

Free Time

You will be on a five days hooping vacation!
That means you have a lot of free space and free time that you can seperate on your own.
Every midday we will make a long break, so you can explore the beautiful surroundings,
chill and relax in the sun at the beach, go for a hike or simply exercise your hoop skills.

You can walk for example 800 steps to the old city of Mošćenice and enjoy the wonderful view above there.
Next to the villa are a lot of nice restaurants and the centre, with some small shops.
The villa has it‘s own volleyball place, that you can use whenever you want to,
and there are a lot of quite places to explore
not only at the villa‘s area, where you can find peace and tank up new energy.

Party Time

We have planned a special program for you every evening:
There will be a LED hoop and UV party, we will do a fire session at the beach,
a hoop scavenger hunt, and a lot of hooping together.

At the hoop scavenger hunt you will get to know the villa‘s surroundings accompanied by your room mates.
At the UV party you can paint yourself with UV active body painting colours,
tape your hoop with UV active tape. Previously we will build UV active dream catchers for decorating the party.
We will also bring some UV active hoops for you to buy.
If you have one, bring your own UV or LED hoop and your favourite white clothes.

At the fire session you will get a fire hooping introduction from one of our hoop teachers.
If you have your own fire hoop, feel free to take it with you.
After the introduction there will be a fire jam session at the beach.

The detailed program with all the workshops will be announced in time!





Veggie Food

To be able to chill and relax and get fit at the same time, good and healthy food is very important.
Therefore, we will bring our own cook Mo to the retreat, who will care for us.
We will serve a great, high-energy breakfast buffet in the morning and
a buffet with fresh and tasty vegetarian food in the evening.
If you have any allergies or intolerances or if you want to eat vegan, let us know about it by filling in the form you get after signing up.

To not interrupt your midday break, there will be no lunch served at the villa.
You can make a picknick at the beach or cook in the kitchen of your suite with your room mates instead.
The next supermarket is only a view minutes by feet
and there are also some nice restraurants and pizzerias next to the villa.


We are very sad to announce that we couldn't achieve our minimum target by the end of may, so we unfortunately have to cancel our Summer Spin - Hoop Retreat Croatia in the proposed form! We will nevertheless go to Croatia in September with some teachers, participants and other hoopers. We are not sure if the Summer Spin will take place in 2018 again - we will let you know as soon as possible!

Tickets include:

- five amazing days full of hoop love and relaxation
- accomodation at Villa Istra
- 4x breakfast, 4x dinner
- 12 great workshops with 9 different teachers
- evening events

Two more month of early bird tickets:

670 Euro
until 15th of May 2017
bring a friend and ONLY PAY 570 Euro until the End of April

Regular ticket:

695 Euro


If you are not able to fund the complete ticket amount at the moment, you have the chance
to make the payment in instalments. For more details please contact us via email.
Be sure that you have read the terms and conditions before checking your ticket.


If you want to extend your holidays and spend some more days at Mošćenička Draga or it's easier
with your flight to arrive earlier and/or leave later contact us via email and we will tell you all details about the accommodation.